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Thank you for visiting The Chattering Lotus! Here, you can connect with Lisa virtually for Private Intuitive Sessions, Reiki Healings, and Space Cleansings. She is also available to assist as a psychic intuitive/medium for on-site Paranormal Investigations within the greater New England area. Lisa is a co-creator and co-host of the Visit with Spirit podcast, and is an ordained minister with ULC.

About Lisa...


Lisa grew up in a home with paranormal activity that seemed centered around her. She became interested in learning more about the paranormal after hearing ghost stories that were similar to what she was experiencing. Along with the activity in her home, she was also able to tune into spirits and energies in various locations. Eventually Lisa learned how to cross over spirits and clear any negative or unwanted energy from people’s spaces. Lisa also discovered that she had been a life-long clairaudient. This explained the sounds, noises, and "chatter" she would hear throughout the day that seemed to have no physical source.
Over the past few years, Lisa found that she was gifted in psychometry as well. Wanting to learn more about how her hands were able to gather information about events and people from touching objects, along with how this gift could also be used, she became a certified Reiki II practitioner. This allowed her to provide healing and pain relief to clients. During these hands-on sessions, she’s been able to do intuitive readings, as well as deliver messages from loved ones. Lisa is also the co-creator and co-host of the metaphysical podcast
Visit with Spirit.



*** Energy work (Reiki) and healing sessions given by Lisa are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care. Lisa does not diagnose conditions, nor does she prescribe medicines, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you seek a licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Healings and readings are for entertainment purposes only. ***

Lisa is a true healer. We did in-person Reiki and she made me feel so much lighter. She came and did Reiki for my mom as well, and was able to pinpoint areas of need for her. One thing that sticks out is she told me to get plants in her room, to help her breathing.

She has also done Reiki from a distance for me, when my knee/back issues flare up. It is truly amazing how good I feel the next day. I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s also just an amazing person.  -JHL

Lisa came out to my house due to what we felt to be some possible spiritual activity. She took the time to talk over with us what exactly we were seeing and feeling, specifically around our son’s room. Lisa was respectful and inquisitive which made us feel at ease. She was able to pick up a presence and let us know right away that it was not dark or ominous. We actually found out through her it was the old owners still hanging around and meant no harm. To this day we still heed her advice around the spirit who is still here with us, and we coexist, so to speak. Lisa also talked over different suggestions and ideas for our son’s room to help him feel protected because he was small at the time. -CR

When my parents passed my heart was so heavy and filled with tremendous sadness. Like many people, life moved on but the void and sense of loss never went away. When I met Lisa, I was immediately interested in her connecting me with my parents again. I was so nervous, prior to our session but Lisa had such a peaceful and reassuring way about her, that I knew whatever happened it would be ok. I still remember to this day, the feeling of joy and comfort that I felt when she shared with me things that only my parents would know. If you or someone you know wants to connect with a loved one that is no longer with you, contact Lisa! You will not be disappointed. Like me, maybe you will feel some level of relief to know your loved one is still there by your side, they just can’t be seen! -TKR





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